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  • In view of the peculiar features surrounding the transactions like their long term validity, high value of the contracts, evolvement of rights and obligations at various stages and milestones, it is imperative for the parties to structure the deal, keeping in mind all the said factors. A lack of alignment between the legal strategy and commercial objectives in a real estate transaction may adversely affect the enforcement rights and remedies reserved for the participants.
  • Our insight developed over the years through our involvement into numerous domestic and cross-border transactions in the real estate sector allows us to foresee the complexities and offer the client a blend of commercial cum legal solutions. We assist our Clients in navigating through planning and documenting such transactions. We help in creating structures that not only meet technical, operational, financial, accounting, regulatory, legal and tax requirements of the deal but also encapsulate the underlying commercial objectives of the participants.

Stamp Duties | Structuring | Execution

  • An instrument though signed by the parties, may fail to serve the purpose unless the statutory requirements of stamping and registration are duly met, strictly in line with the respective legal provisions.
  • We understand that the incidence of stamp duty is an important consideration while structuring the deal. Our firm in addition to advising on the practical aspects for minimizing the quantum of the duty, also assists and supports the clients in getting the documents registered at various corners of the country by way of our strong pan India network of local lawyers.

Title Documents | Title Search | Liability Issues | Public Notices | Reps and Warranties

  • The task of comprehensive investigation for identifying the legal and contractual impediments capable of affecting the rights of the parties or the transaction at large becomes inevitable for the parties prior to executing the transaction documents.  Due Diligence identifies potential risks and facilitates upfront negotiations rather than trying to enforce contractual remedies, for example warranties after completion. 
  • Our team successfully identifies the risk factors based upon their examination of the title documents and the searches conducted by them in records of the concerned sub-registrar of assurances, land and revenue records and registrar of companies. Based on outcome of legal due diligence, we assist clients in negotiating warranties, liability and enforcement issues with their counterparties.
  • Our Firm has a strong network of local lawyers across the country which enables us to carry out title search at various corners of the country. 

Hotel Management Transactions | Long Term & Short Term Leases | Sale & Conveyance | Franchise Model | Construction and Development | Term Sheets & LOIs | Marketing & Branding | Ancillary Documents 

  • In absence of adequate industry specific legislations for this sector in India, the rights, interests and obligations of the parties to a transaction are substantially governed by the documents duly executed between the parties. Therefore, it is absolutely must for the players in hospitality and leisure space that the instruments executed by them are in conformity with their long term legal and commercial objectives. Hospitality & Leisure
  • Our team members have considerable experience in drafting, reviewing, negotiating, finalizing and execution of the transaction and other ancillary documents that typically includes memoranda of understanding, term sheets, hotel management agreements, agreement to lease, lease agreements, agreements for sale, sale deeds, license agreements, hotel development agreements, hotel services agreements, franchise agreements, consultancy agreements, service agreements, etc. Our expertise and experience is not limited to particular category of the segment but stretches right from hotel brands in budget segment to those holding five star ratings. Further, we have also assisted clients in food and restaurant business, business houses dealing in malls, serviced apartments, motels, etc.