Our Approach

While assisting and advising our clients, our approach, solutions and offerings are not restricted to the ambit of related legal provisions, rather, our team endeavours to offer legal solutions in a manner that allows our clients to adopt long term strategies, be it in relation to cost saving or mitigation of legal risks. Our solutions are based upon our core belief that as trusted advisors, our role is not just limited to apprising the clients of what they cannot do, but rather guiding and assisting them in materializing their business objectives in a secure, effective and sustainable manner.

Extensive Support

Depending upon the special requirements of our clients, a team of experts (headed by the Founding Partner) is customized and put on the job towards achieving the desired result. The Firm ensures that all the mandates get a Partner's attention and time, and the respective Partner continues to be one-point contact for the clients.

National-International Reach

In order to ensure certainty of a team on the ground with respect to various legal issues across the country, the Firm has a strong PAN India network of local lawyers. Firm conveniently offers a one stop shop for various legal issues across various geographies in India & the Firm is associated and closely works with several law firms across the globe.

Tailored Pricing

The Firm offers wide range of pricing solutions allowing all of our esteemed clients to opt for any price mechanism best suited to them and their business growth.

Our policy on fee quotes is to be realistic and reasonable in our assessment of the clients' and all the client requirements.